Eco Cleaners

Down / Feather

  • Always check for holes or ripped seams first, and repair them before attempting to clean.
  • Down and feather pillows can be dry cleaned, and will retain their softness and fluffiness.
  • If you put down or feather pillows in the washing machine, do two at a time or one with a few towels to balance the load.
  • Use cold water and the delicate cycle, with a gentle detergent like Ivory Snow.
  • If you hand wash, do the same, but use ½ cup vinegar in your rinse water to make sure all the soap dissolves away.
  • To dry, put pillows in on lowest heat setting or no-heat tumble dry. Add a few clean tennis balls or shoes to fluff them in the drier. This may take three hours or more.
  • Make sure down and feather pillows are completely dry before using or storing. Mildew can grow inside and ruin them.
  • Do not over-clean down or feather pillows. The natural oils in the material will be stripped over time.