Eco Cleaners

20 Years of Collaboration

I’ve wanted to be a writer in some capacity for as long as I can remember. When I was probably no more than 5 or 6, I would write poems and songs and perform them for my parents. In high school, I took as many English and creative writing classes as I could fit into my schedule. When I went off to college, I threw myself headfirst into working with the university’s student-run weekly newspaper as a reporter, then A&E editor, then managing editor. I graduated with a mass communications degree emphasized in journalism in 2016.

As GreenEarth’s Social Media Specialist, I’m still writing. But this time it’s different…and in a good way. I’m now helping small businesses build their brand by strengthening their online presence. It’s pretty cool to hear from Affiliates I work with that a customer came in because of something posted on Facebook or someone in the community simply made a comment about the quality of content across their social pages. Edit: very cool. I never realized how much writing could help people until I came to GreenEarth. Not that I didn’t know it could, but it’s a totally different feeling when it’s your job to generate results.

That’s my hands-down favorite aspect about being a part of the GreenEarth team. We offer services and resources for our Affiliates to succeed. Like Steve Kno wrote in his blog last month, GreenEarth Cleaning is “more than just a solvent.” We don’t provide D5 silicone and send our best wishes; we want to share our marketing and technical expertise to see businesses flourish and continue growing along with us.

For Affiliates that tell me they’re lost when it comes to social media, I like to point out that I’m equally puzzled about running a dry cleaning plant. That makes us even, so we can work together to build up a well-rounded operation.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what we do here in the marketing department, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at Or to view our signup form, click here.